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A young boy and a tot girl open a gender reveal surprise for their new sibling from a man and a woman. The boy has a meltdown outdoors because he wanted a brother.

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Two tot boys play in a garage indoors with a man. One boy wear a helmet and glasses, he gets on a tricycle and a man blows him with a leaf blower, which sends the tricycle flying out of the garage outdoors, and he eventually falls over.

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Fire in background makes man's head look like its on fire. Optical illusion.

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"Frequent Flyer Fido" Original: 2 men in small airplane dive. Dog in back of plane floats up to ceiling, then falls.

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"Backseat Sleeper" A little boy in backseat of car is tired. Dad is asking him about. Dad eventually tells boy he can go to sleep and boy immediately drops his head to sleep.

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