Frame Aspect: 16:9 Submitter Country: US

A young girl throws a ball, and it ricochets and hits her in the face in the driveway.

Frame Aspect: 1.85:1 Submitter Country: US

A dog tosses a ball into a woman's coffee in the living room.

Frame Aspect: 16:9 Submitter Country: US

A young boy talks to the camera and says he is going to demonstrate how to use a yoyo and he accidentally throws it and hits the camera in the living-room.

Frame Aspect: 0.562 Submitter Country: US

A tot girl on a patio puts a baby doll on a tricycle on a patio and sits on the tricycle and the baby doll falls off and she gets upset and picks up the baby doll and tosses it into a barbecue and a woman laughs.